Is Rage Quitting Ruining Online Gaming?

Rage Quitters

Online gaming has become a huge phenomenal in recent years due to the introduction of next generation consoles such as the PS3 and Xbox360.

For those who are reading and are unfamiliar with the term, “rage quitting” has been kindly defined on urban dictionary:

To stop, cease, or discontinue a game due to aggravation from being constantly bested in any type of challenge within the game.

Rage Quitting not something new, but unfortunately is has become an growing annoyance during online gaming. Imagine every runner in the 100m race quit after they saw Usain Bolt in the lineup, it would defeat the purpose of the competition. This is why when playing online on games such as FIFA 12 rage quitting frustrates me. If someone is better than you at a game dont quit as against all odds you may achieve a comeback, for example I was 3 – 0 up in the first half of a FIFA 12 match and by the end I lost 4 – 3 proof that perseverance pays off.

However we have a growing population of quitters, which many argue is down to the increase in younger immature gamers that continuously quit after conceding a few goals. Although quitting in games such as FIFA 12 still awards points to the victor I would honestly prefer to play the full match length as i originally hoped to starting the online match. Game producers such as EA should inflict harsher punishment other than a record of the loss to quitters such as week ban as EA can already review game reports to see the cause of the disconnections, this would deter people from quitting even further.

Below are some examples of rage quitting!

It must be stressed that FIFA 12 is not the only game rage quitting occurs. Many people quit when losing in games such as Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and World Of Warcraft.

My open message to quitters would be stop quitting it does not solve your gaming issues, learn to improve your game and get better!

  • Brendon Nutt

    Rage quitting has become an even bigger deal since the introduction of stat-tracking. People just have to quit now or else their stats may reflect their actual gaming abilities!

    • No

      CoD sucks anyway, people should be playing better, more skilled games than that hot mess.

    • Anonymous

      Except a lot of stat-tracking counts quitting – games like SOCOM and I think BF3 keep a count of how many games you’ve quit out of, and rage quitters can be spot pretty easily.

      Not sure if it’s a ‘growing’ thing per se though in a proportional sense – been around for as long as online gaming has, and I don’t find it more or less of a problem now than I did ten years ago or earlier. But clearly with more online gamers about, there’s more people doing it. Best way is to play in servers (if the game has dedicated servers) with reliable peeps, but with most MP going dumbed-down casual matchmaking these days, that’s harder and harder to find.

  • Xino

    Rage Quitters are nothing.

    the major problem is under Fighting games!
    They are just braggers and so annoying.
    They would brag about how good they are at a certain character, you fight and ready to delivery the final blow and they rage quit.

    To me I don’t care about rage quitters, the thing that saddens me is that not because they rage quit if I’m better but they would go and fight other less skilled and completely annihilate them and start bragging again.

    I just hate how they brag. When they beat you they start being aggressive and boastful.

    And Brendon Nutt is right. I think the stupid Leaderboard system and stats are what causes people to rage quit.

    For an example in Mortal Kombat 9. People rarely play Ranked Matches because they are full of cheaps and spammers. However in Player Match is where everyone games at however that is where the problem is. Chatters being aggressive and boastful. They rage quit a lot. I don’t even know why Neatherrealm Studios even put a win/lost match stats for Player match and get this, Rank and Player match both have leaderboard. WTF? what exactly is the point in me playing Ranked matches if Player match also has leaderboard rankings?

    I think the problem is “leaderboard”.

    • Brian Leamon White

      And this is why I take breaks from online gaming, because many players tend to piss me off, and it makes me get to a point where I have other things to do, like PlayStation Home, playing offline, etc. I don’t hate online gaming, I just don’t like when other players starts trolling, and/or jumping at other players. I just wish that less skilled players get help from skilled players.

      • Xino

        the thing is, the annoying things you mentioned particularly happens in random player matches. I have no idea WHY people (same people who troll) tend to play more respectful towards people on their friends list, but when they play with someone they don’t know, they are more disrespectful.

        • Brian Leamon White

          Also, they bully other players that are inexperienced.

  • Mark

    Pretty pointless “article”.

  • Anonymous

    I play nearly every online game that releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and can honestly say I only rage quit when I play Call of Duty Games.

  • Michael Farrell

    I rage quit in CoD when my teammates are horrible.. Happened to me in the past 10 games I played. My teammates were struggling to get 1 kill.. and dying as many as 15+ times. My teammates dying leads to me losing a match. And more often then none my teammates put me at a serious disadvantage. They give my position away, get in my way, and make me lose.

  • Michael Farrell

    all in all i believe rage quitting isn’t right. They should be punished in a different way then a loss in your W/L ratio.

  • “Guest”

    You should see what happened to Metal Gear Online, massive with low-lifers trolling and cheating. You would really start wondering what they even play for? They might think their funny, they are not.

    And the rage quits on that game is like 0.5 sec, the fastest I’ve seen. The good thing though is that if you leave too many times your scores will decrease and you will get temporary banned for 15 minutes.

    But what do you expect from the Internet nowadays? I’ve lost hope.

  • Lemondish

    I tried to read this article, but instantly rage quit it when I noticed your grammar was horrendous.

  • Karlianadam

    Maybe also fix the lag which causes people to quit, I raged in Fifa 12 for the time played it on-line so I took it back because the game play is broken imo so I could care less, I quit because I will not be forced to play a game that im not enjoying.

  • Blah

    I tried to read this article….then I took an arrow to the knee….had to do it.

  • Curtis Isabell

    I quit in games if my team is garbage or its an obvious outclassing of my team. its not rage quitting.
    Rage quitting is when your on a 5 killstreak and you die and get mad so you quit.
    i rather play fair matches in games then sit their and get killed 1000 times by obviously better players that instead of finish the game, farm the other team.

    • Brian Leamon White

      I totally agree with you.

  • kiwi_kronic

    I rage quit now and again but mainly due to poor teammates in cod. Nothing worse than playing HQ and your teammates are camping on the other side of the map trying to snipe while your trying to capture the HQ. Its amazing how many players play objective based game modes and then dont do anything to help win the game. These players should be banned from those game modes.

  • Nigger_quiter

    This is why I am reculant to play any fps online with cheating trolling rage quiting cunts. Doesn’t male my experience any better.
    So they can fuck off and die the bunch of nigger loving cunts.

  • Chewmandinga

    Street Fighter is the worst for rage quitting. It’s pretty obvious when your opponent suddenly stops responding to being beaten sensless and then ‘Lost connection with opponent’ flashes on-screen.

    Then they try for a rematch in the next lobby. Dickheads.

  • Iclarke1

    Your argument makes sense in games that are completely objective. Try playing games that have random elements that effect the outcome and see if you don’t do some raging yourself. I play Worms Reloaded competitively and sometimes you just get really bad spawning points and can’t do anything to win against a total noob. This really irritates me but I deal with it.

  • RQMaster

    let’s look at facts, and this is stuff that is realistic.

    1) People who play fighting games lead very shallow lives. If they didn’t, they would realize that they’ve been playing the exact same game since 1992 over and over and over again, just given different names. These people are roughly on par with, for instance, the gladiators at the Colosseum of Rome. These people would murder everyone in their own family while they were sleeping for $5.00 and I don’t mean in a video game. They have zero honor and zero willingness to help less experienced people play and get better. Their goal is to simply add to their victory count because somehow that will get them the magical girlfriend in the class that they’ve been ogling from a distance for 2 years and who thinks they’re gross, not because they play such menial games and are entertained by it, but because they haven’t showered in a week and think it’s an art form to fart fifteen times in the vicinity of said girl.

    Think of the mind-numbingness that it takes to derive pleasure from this activity. Beat someone up. Then, go to the next stage, and then… beat them up again!

    2) Because they lead such a shallow and dull life, the only thrill they get is by mastering the art of button mashing and of course the inevitable insults that come afterwards about what they plan to do to the losers’ mothers. I have never once seen a fighting game person be respectful when they win, that includes the hundreds of times I’ve observed people play in the arcades. That’s because the only way they’d give anyone respect would be if someone beat them over the head with a tire iron while they weren’t looking.

    3) Ragequitting is actually a good counter. It’s a way of telling the person “Screw you, you’re not all that”. The inevitable mocking, humiliation, derision and insults get replaced by “WHAT THE ****?”, simply because the person who lost does not want to hear it. And you’re going to punish that? Shame on you!

    Let me give you a real world example of what rage quitting is like. You’re a school bully. Monday you find the smallest runt in the class and beat the ever loving stuffing out of him. Tuesday he comes back and you beat the stuffing out of him again. Feeling like a big man, you go to pound his face in on Wednesday, but you don’t see him Wednesday. He decided to take a different path and outsmart you by not showing up altogether. Instead of the temporary boost to self-esteem that the bully would get, he stands there like an idiot going “What just happened?”, that is what rage quitting is, in a nutshell.

    Oh, if I was to play, my rage quit point would be, if I decided to be bored with my life and play such a game would be 1st round lost in a 3 round match. I’ve heard some games go 5 rounds (I’m impressed most fighting game people can count that high), in which case I would if I was down 2 – nil (that means zero, for those of you who still play this game).

  • Brian White

    When I was trying to get the Online trophy for PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale, some online gamer pissed me off and I lost matches. I rage quit b4, because I was soooooooooo annoyed by online gaming (sometimes). I really need help on getting the friendly match trophy on PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale. All that useless teammate and failure to win always got me to a point where I’m going to rage quit. However, when I even had thoughts of subjecting it for the cheating, poor performance, spamming, and trolling. But, if I rage quit, I’ll never kome back online until I kalm down.