Are Microsoft The Kings Of Advertising This Generation?

PS3, 360 & Wii

Microsoft is relatively new to the gaming industry in comparison to Sony and Nintendo, who have been developing games and creating consoles for a much longer period of time, however Microsofts advertising of the Xbox 360 has been great for many games in particular Halo and Gears Of War.

Many people argue Microsoft advertising ability is simply down to the revenue created from their Windows division, however choosing the correct advertising partners is another important factor. Although the Xbox was not in the limelight during the PlayStation 2 era, Microsoft has managed to propel the Xbox 360 into a household name. Sony who arguably had the better console specs wise, fell behind partly due to the year head start by the 360 but also due to the use of abstract adverts. Heres an example of a early PlayStation advert.

At around the same time frame Microsoft on the other hand released a stunning advert for Gears of War featuring the hit song “Mad World” by Gary Jules (Voted number 1 in our “Top 10 Video Game Adverts” article). This advert instantly became the talk to gaming population, this was an example of Microsoft putting the their money in the right place and getting their message to there intended audience.

Although Microsoft has produced adverts of this quality for the Xbox 360 and exclusive titles, they have produced some very poor advertising attempts such as the “Gmail Man” series. This advert was an attempt to discourage users from using Gmail and to encourage the use of Hotmail. Sony has however learnt from their early attempts, producing adverts such as the Kevin Butler Adverts and “Micheal” which displayed the array of games the Playstation 3 has to offer and pays homage to gamers. This online advert has yet to make it to a TV spot on British TV but has over 10 million views on youtube.

Nintendo had a completely different approach to Sony and Microsoft opting to develop a console focused on the casual market. Nintendo has been the constant this generation in regards to sales and advertising, producing adverts displaying the social fun which can be experienced on the Wii. In my opinion these adverts are not very engaging, but do a fantastic job of showing a “family experience”.

Microsoft may of had the upperhand on the competition at the start of the generation in regards to advertising, but since the rise in PS3 exclusives and Sony improved potent advertising schemes I would argue advertising this generation has become more equal. As for Nintendo they will continue appealing to the mass market with their casual market orientated adverts.

  • Oliver

    People will tell you that the new dashboard is rife with advertising, which in a way it is. Though not all commercial.

  • Guest

    Sony advertisements have always been crap. Makes people that buy those products look like retards.

    • Real R

      you my friend are a dork

      • Richard

        Sounds more like you are a pathetic PoS3 fanboy that can’t handle the truth.