Matthew Reynolds From SCEE On The Getaway

Matthew Reynolds From SCEE On The Getaway

While I was attending a Computing Careers Taster Course at City University London, Tuesday 19 July 2011, 9.30am – 4pm. I met Matthew Reynolds of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and managed to talk to him about the future of The GetawayThe taster course allowed people who wanted an insight on a computing or an ICT related course the chance to see what kind of modules the course would contain, and the job prospects available. The Taster course however included a section where industry professionals would come and talk about their educational background and current work place, three industry professional attending including a software architect from Microsoft, A software engineer who helped create the London Oyster Card and Matthew Reynolds from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.Matthew Reynolds is Programmer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe he was previously a programmer at Unity and a Software Engineer at Electronic Arts before this. He graduated from City University in 2000.  (LinkedIn Account)

While I was there I managed to talk to Matthew on whether the Getaway franchise was under development at SCEE below; is a write up of our dialogue:

Me: Hey Matthew, I was wondering whether your your studio currently knows anything about the Getaway?

Matthew: Last heard it was cancelled and our studio now is involved in family orientated games such as EyePet  and games and projects which involve the PlayStation Move. We wouldn’t be making games such as the Getaway anymore.

Me: Do you know whether the Getaway has been giving to another studio or whether Sony wants to continue production?

Matthew: No, I don’t really know whether its in another studios hands but they could possibly but its up to Sony you would have to contact Sony , I’m not really sure.

Me: Any tips for a upcoming journalist trying to gain an audience?

Matthew: I would say you should try to attend as many events as possible if you cant travel to events such as E3 theirs local event in the UK which you could travel and report on.

Me: Thanks for your time Matthew and for answering my questions

Matthew : No Problem mate

So there it is it seems even if the Getaway is under development it wont be made by SCEE however we must remember Matthew Reynolds could just be under a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

For the people who want to check the legitimacy of my meeting simply download the photo and view the photo information such as the date.

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